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Looking for a job in the online marketing field? Send in your resume and let's see if we can find you the right fit!

We are always looking for great talent to work with us. Whether you are looking for some fun side work or a full time role, we want to hear from you. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes and each of our clients have unique needs and skill set requirements. Here are just some of the key areas we are looking for help in:

Sales Professionals

Most of our business today comes in from customer referrals. People tend to really enjoy working with us and appreciate our level of expertise and work ethic. We would now like to add some sales talent to our team to help drive the business forward. If you are a "go-getter" type personality that thrives on reaching goals, we might be the place for you! There is plenty of opportunity here for you to grow and succeed! Most importantly, as our sales lead, you will be the one responsible for creating and drivng client pitches, building out the sales process and managing our client base.Interested? Send in your resume and lets have a chat!

Content and Direct Response Copywriters

If 500 word articles or blog posts with keyword stuffed links is your idea of great content, we are probably not the right fit for you. We are looking for great writers with a proven history of creating buzzworthy content for some of our enterprise tier clients. This includes understanding what goes into a profitable content marketing strategy with clear customer acquisition goals. We would also like you to have a firm understanding on how to: research topics and markets quickly, build detailed personas and psychographic profiles, leverage buyer psychology and persuasion techniques within copy. Finally, experience with infographics, interactive content, and contest strategy would be a welcomed plus. If these kinds of topics and opportunities speak to you, please send us your resume. We would love the opportunity to talk with you about your experiences and to learn about your personal career goals.

Graphic Designers / Web Developers

We are currently looking for graphic design and web development support to help with our expanding client needs. From small businesses looking for complete site overhauls, to enterprise clients looking to improve conversions and engagement, there is plenty of opportunity for you to grow and expand your portfolio.To get started, send in your resume along with your portfolio and let's see what kind of work we have available that best suits your strengths and personal preferences.

Video Talent

Online video has quickly become a staple in many of our clients' content marketing strategies. If you are interested in working with a wide range of clients from many industries and are passionate about storyboarding, video marketing and animation, come talk to us. We may be the perfect place for you. Ready to apply? Send in your resume, along with your portfolio and we will be in touch.

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