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Believe it or not, very few companies actually have their Google Analytics and testing tools set up properly and your business is likely no different. This is because most businesses are not even aware of what their analytics packages can actually do. Let us help get you properly set up and we'll show you just how much ROI you are leaving on the table.

Have you implemented a Google Analytics package with clearly defined goals and funnels? Are you able to segment your performance by marketing channel? Do you separate branded from non-branded keyword performance? Are you able to quantify the value of existing partnerships and integrations? If you answered no to any of the above questions, you have an analytics problem. Not to worry, we're about to make your analytics sing!

In order for us to help your business grow it is absolutely critical that your web analytics package be installed and instrumented properly. Being able to accurately track, measure and segment performance at every stage in your conversion funnel is essential for making informed marketing decisions. Unfortunately, this is where most businesses tend to fail.

At Rank Study, we pride ourselves on being a data and performance-driven company. We will work with you to identify your customization needs and to ensure that your analytics package gets instrumented properly from the ground up. From basic goal and funnel creation, to advanced search & audience segmentation, we have what you need to make your analytics world class.

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