Our Proven Six Step Optimization Framework

Everything we do for our clients is custom work, built on a foundation of tested and proven principles. Over the years we have taken our learnings and applied them to a system and a process that not only works to drive results, but also enables us to teach and engage our clients in a much more profound and meaningful way.

First, We Analyze Your Market

Nobody can hide online. That is the simple truth that many businesses fail to realize. When you choose to work with us, the first project we will do together is an exhaustive market and competitive analysis.

This is non-negotiable and in most cases, will be the most valuable project we will work on together. It is the foundation that sets you up for future growth and success. We will completely reverse engineer your online market and reveal the exact methods, tactics and strategies being used by the top competitors in your field. We will then provide you with a recommended action plan based on your business goals, existing areas of strength and relative position in the market.

This process helps to ensure that you learn and fully understand the dynamics of your market and what it will take to become the leader. It will also provide you with a clear vision and understanding about how we plan to reach your goals, the biggest challenges and opportunities we face to get there, and will explain the ins and outs about why each step of the plan is necessary.

Most importantly, nothing is hidden from you. There are no secrets when working with us. There is no secret blackbox behind the scenes. Instead, we give you proven data, indepth research, clear facts and a plan of action based on experience and empirical evidence. We are your partner and trusted adviser through this entire process. We not only help you succeed in reaching your online goals, we teach, measure and keep you informed every step of the way.

Next, We Audit Your Site

Once we have collected all of the market data and fully understand where you sit against the competition, we will then put your site through a rigorous audit process that leaves virtually no stone unturned.

With more than 120 individual data points being looked at, we will identify any competitive gaps or key problem areas that exist in your baseline SEO, overall site structure, content themes, offer pages and overall user experience.

Third, We Plan Your Attack

As you can imagine, once we have collected all of the vital information about your market and identified the gaps that exist in your site, we can then put together a formidable plan of attack.

During this phase, we will work closely with you to understand what your immediate needs and long term goals are for the business, what resources are available to implement a launch plan and to identify the specific activities that will need to happen in order to maximize post launch performance.

Armed with this information, we can then provide you with the sequencing and timelines associated with the campaign, including a detailed look at all of the SEO, PPC and supporting marketing activities that will need to be implemented.

Every business is different and we work to ensure that the plan we put in place is something that is not only actionable, but something that is feasible based on what you are willing and capable to invest in. This is not a cookie cutter approach to SEO. We work with you as your partner, to build and execute a full online marketing strategy that we are confident can deliver tangible results.

Fourth, We Launch An Offensive

This is where rubber meets the road and you start to see the power behind a proven process and data driven online marketing strategy. Depending on the size and needs of your business, we can work directly with your internal team, external agency or execute against the plan ourselves on your behalf. The key at this stage is taking fast, consistent and deliberate action against your business goals and core campaign objectives.

Every offensive we launch is custom and unique based on a wide range of factors including: how competitive your market is, whether or not you are the leader or newcomer, what content and link building assets you currently own, what kind of partnerships, influencer channels and affiliate relationships you might have, as well as any sub-segments within the market that might be reachable early on for some quick traffic wins as we roll out your bigger and longer term leadership strategy.

These are just some of the factors and opportunities that get revealed in the market and competitive research phase of the campaign. Everything we do for you has a purpose, a plan of attack and a strategy based on real data, concrete evidence and more than a decade of proven online marketing experience.

Fifth, We Measure Your Results

We kicked off by saying that nobody can hide online. The flip side to that coin is that almost everything online can be measured and tracked. Too many businesses are still running blind when it comes to their web analytics and online performance tracking. But before you say to yourself, "luckily that isn't affecting my business", let me be the first to tell you that simply having Google Analytics or Omniture installed doesn't mean you are flying any less blind.

Installing analytics software is really just the first step to having solid performance tracking in place. Like putting up a website is only the first step to actually making a sale online. By working closely with us, we will ensure that your analytics package is customized and fine tuned to your specific needs and business objectives. After all, every business model has unique tracking needs and performance metrics right? Not to worry. We have the expertise and experience to get you moving in the right direction quickly!

For lead and transactional businesses we will help you to setup proper goals, conversion funnels and user segments. For media and advertising based businesses we will help you establish proper engagement metrics and advanced periodic reporting that helps identify the most profitable and engaging areas of your site. We will also help create advanced customer segments that separate your branded and non branded keyword results, search traffic from non-search traffic, and so much more.

But ultimately, the key is to leverage all of this information and customization to help ensure you are meeting your core business objectives and tracking well against your chosen performance targets.

Finally, We Optimize For ROI and Continued Growth

If you have gotten this far down the page then the value of this final section is likely crystal clear. As you can see, we are very much a data and analytics driven company. We leverage the tools, assets and information available to us in a cohesive way that enables us to optimize for consistent and near-predictable growth. This is why we call it our 'Six Step Formula'.

By identifying clear gaps and opportunities in the market, tracking competitor tactics and performance, leveraging your assets and strengths, and then mapping it all against clear cut goals and executions, we are always able to stay ahead of the curve. We keep your competition guessing and we continue to innovate, while the rest of the pack sits and waits. We don't rest on our laurels. We continue to battle. We continue to push. We continue to fight. But most importantly, we continue to win!

Contact us today and see how we can do the same for you!

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