Testimonials From Satisified Clients

At Rank Study we work extremely hard to over-deliver on value and to provide you with the best in customer support, performance, and overall satisfaction. We want to say thank you to each of the clients below who have been kind enough to provide a recommendation and share their experience working with us. We really do appreciate it.

  • “Rank Study has worked with us for years & continues to be a critical business partner.

    From spearheading SEO strategies to helping build & grow our commerce affiliate engine, they consistently help keep our properties at the top of Google in many of today’s most competitive categories.

    We rely heavily on their expertise & collaborative approach across our teams to help drive digital performance.

    I highly recommend them to anyone looking for digital growth.”

  • “Darryl continues to help me transform & accelerate organizations from Yahoo to startups to complex organizations like Canadian Tire, Canada Post, Home Depot & others.

    There are many who call themselves search experts. And then there is Darryl. He understands all aspects of search but, more importantly, he understands the linkage to driving revenue & profitability.”

  • “Darryl is an exceptional leader in the digital industry and a true business partner. During my time at The Home Depot, Darryl helped our team shape our search engine marketing practice, making significant contributions to the business and helping drive eCommerce growth.

    From my first meeting with Darryl, I knew after the first 15 minutes that he really got it. He is a professional, with a strong work ethic and passion for the search engine world. He understood that we weren’t all about marketing spend and budget; rather that we were all about ROI. I would highly endorse Darryl for any future digital engagements and would welcome the chance to work with him again.”

  • “Impressive is an understatement for the kind of results and service we have received from Rank Study over the years.

    In the first 30 days after switching to Rank Study they reduced our PPC spend by 50% and maintained the exact same volume of leads – who doesn’t like to see that kind of immediate impact!”

  • “Darryl’s energy and expert knowledge in the areas of SEO & PPC were a huge benefit to Yahoo! Darryl has described himself as an ‘ideas guy’ but is the first person to get his hands dirty to make our products better.

    The best example of Darryl’s ability to execute is the 13 straight months that Yahoo! broke its Google referral records across all of its core media & listing properties, bringing in literally millions of new engaged visitors!”

  • “The experts at RankStudy were able to delve deep into the SEO situation of our key media properties at a vital time when we were introducing critical transformations into our products.

    Darryl provided us with incredibly valuable and indepth competitive research with respect to our market as well as provide us with practical & actionable recommendations that were able to be implemented by our internal technical and editorial teams — with immediate and very tangible results. We highly recommend them for your SEO & competitive research needs.”

  • “Darryl has worked as an SEO consultant for AskMen for a long time. What strikes me about his work is that it is both detailed and practical. He explains fixes that have to be made, while providing actual examples of critical issues, along with a very clear path to success.

    I’ve heard of SEO reports that collect dust on a client’s desk, but Darryl’s approach is one of the reasons his recommendations get implemented and deliver solid results.”

  • “As proved by the record shattering work he did for Yahoo!, Blue Kangaroo & others, Darryl Peddle is one of the more astute and effective SEO strategists working today.
    Peddle’s consulting firm, Rank Study, combines state-of-the-art research & expertise on the SEO front with a broader strategy perspective on what’s required for good branding and marketing, a perspective often missing among more narrowly specialized SEO tacticians.
    My startup worked with Rank Study over the course of nearly two years, benefiting early on from Darryl Peddle’s guidance on fundamental site design and architecture, followed by his fine points across a range of considerations important to effective SEO and general consumer experience.
    When Darryl Peddle takes on a project, he attacks it with exceptional enthusiasm and detailed follow-through, often going above and beyond the original assignment to ensure better results for the client. Impressive. Simply put… Darryl delivers!”

  • “Yahoo was smart enough to hire Darryl, and Yahoo only hires the best and the brightest. Darryl is also someone I trust and have always enjoyed working with.

    If he’s bright enough to head up SEO at Yahoo, then I’d say he’s bright enough to work for just about anyone, including you. Hire Darryl before your competition does… you won’t be sorry.”

  • “Working with Darryl @ Rankstudy over the last number of years has been a refreshing and enlightening experience. Darryl is unlike any other SEO, PPC expert I have worked with.

    His indepth research & explanation(s) of ‘how’ and ‘why’ things work truly demonstrate his vast knowledge in this arena. Darryl is an absolute asset for anyone looking to accelerate and maximize their SEO & PPC strategies.”

  • “Darryl was one of my keynote speakers at HICK Tech–a rural technology conference. His session was standing room only and went well beyond the alloted time. People were glued to their seats with questions and epiphanies about how search engines work and how to make their Web sites work for them.

    Thank you Darryl on providing such a fantastic experience for my conference attendees. They’re still talking about it!”

  • “Rank Study is a company that I recommend heavily for keyword analysis and competitive market research.

    Darryl provided a great report & coaching session on all the smart stuff that makes you think strategically about your website and the journey that you would like your customers to experience”

  • “The keynote and workshop training with Darryl Peddle was awesome! Please arrange to kidnap him and keep him locked up in a “presidential suite” at the closest hotel. Then, have him give many more trainings for us all.

    By far the best training I have attended in the 6-7 years I have been in the SEO business and I am an expert myself. Just amazing!”

  • “A step through the internet looking glass. An incredible view from the inside of internet marketing and competition.

    This is probably the most insightful & action packed keynote presentation I have seen to date. Thanks Darryl, and looking forward to even more breakthrough insights down the road.”

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